Can I make a profit again if I lose money investing in financial products?


We will inevitably encounter losses in the process of investing in finance because investment in finance itself is a certain risk, so investors can not only think about the profitability of the situation but also have the psychological preparation for losses. So investment in financial products principal loss can come back? The principal loss of the financial products will also appear after other losses? With this knowledge, this article is prepared for the reader to refer to the relevant content.


First of all, the first question is the investment in financial products’ principal loss can come back. Investment in financial products’ principal loss is not necessarily able to rise back, generally speaking, we invest in financial products that are not capital preservation and interest protection, so we invest in financial products is a certain amount of risk. The change in the investment mark of the financial product determines whether the investment of the financial product can rise back, the investment mark of the financial product rises, the financial product may rise back if the investment mark of the financial product has been falling, it is possible that it will not rise back. However, even after the loss of investment in financial products, there is no need to rush, investors can choose to continue to hold, have been waiting for financial products back up. If you do not want to continue to hold, you can also redeem the financial products, but this is suitable to choose to redeem the financial products, it is destined to be a state of loss.


However, it should also be noted that financial products are generally divided into open-ended financial products and closed-ended financial products. Open-ended financial products can be purchased and redeemed at any time, but closed-ended financial products, if they are in existence, cannot be redeemed. Generally speaking, the financial product principal loss is finished is not other losses. After the loss of principal in the financial products, investors need to do is to carefully analyze the reasons for the loss, only to understand the reasons to find ways to cope. If it is if the reason for the loss of the product is because the overall market situation is not good, then there is no need to worry because the subsequent price of the product backup is more likely. After all, financial management itself has a certain degree of risk, investors can not always make money also, also will not always lose money. In the investment market profits and losses are common.


And investors who buy different financial products determine the amount of risk they take is not the same. Investors should choose the appropriate financial products according to their risk tolerance, if you want higher returns you can risk high-risk investments if you want to reduce the risk you can also buy low-risk financial products. If it is a bank's financial products, then the risk of cautious and stable financial products is relatively low. If it is a fund, then money funds and bond funds are relatively low risk and equity funds are relatively high risk.