How to get efficient insurance


Term life insurance is simple, inexpensive, and very friendly to newbies who want to get started. But there are endless products on the market, and sometimes some different products appear. Not all term life insurance plans only cover death and total disability! Not all fixed life death/total disability benefits can only be 100% rated.In some featured life restoration products, there are also some practical and innovative responsibilities, which are very consumer friendly.

Let me briefly select some introductions.

(1) Additional compensation for death/total disability: Simply put, when death or total disability occurs, additional insurance benefits can be obtained if the agreed conditionsare met.

For example, Litairi and the fixed life insurance in 2020, before the age of 40, you can pay an additional 25% of the sum insured, and you will pay 1.25 million yuan if you buy 1 million. For example, the product "Optimus Prime 6", sudden death before the age of 65 can pay an additional 50% of the sum insured, and 1.5 million will be paid for buying 1 million.

(2) Policy/insured exemption: After the policyholder or the insured meets the exemption conditions, the remaining unpaid premiums of the policy do not need to be paid, and the protection continues to be effective, which is very humane! These products guarantee better liability, higher cost performance, greater compensation ratio, and of course more worthy of our choice.


here are also differences between the exclusions of different life insurances. Some products may have only 3 exemptions, while others may have as many as 7 exemptions. Is life insurance all about paying for death? How many exemptions and how many exemptions really matter? For example, nuclear radiation and nuclear contamination may no longer be out of reach, but are closely related to the lives of each of us. It turns out that some life insurance exemptions exclude liability for nuclear radiation and nuclear contamination, such as:


(1) The insured intentionally kills or intentionally injures the insured;

(2) The insured commits suicide within 2 years from the date of the establishment of this main insurance contract or the restoration of the validity of the contract, except for persons who are incapacitated for civil conduct at the time of the insured's suicide:

(3) The insured actively takes or injects drugs;

(4) The insured is driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol;                                    

(5) War, military conflict, riot or armed rebellion: (7) Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear contamination.


Suppose in the future someone will unfortunately die or become completely disabled due to nuclear contamination/radiation, if you buy such a life insurance policy, you probably won't suffer much money loss.In short, the more exclusion clauses in life insurance, the more limited the "way to die" and the more claims disputes.