The Secret of Currency Trading



When you travel or work in other countries, you need to use the local legal tender. As an investor, do you know about currency trading? Some investors finally get rich amounts in the currency trading market through many practices. We can learn from their experience to clarify the secrets of currency trading.

Before the information was underdeveloped, investors often could only complete currency transactions through professionals or institutions. With the development of technology and the construction of currency trading platform, investors can find appropriate foreign exchange as an individual.

The money market is open all day. Different regions, such as North America, Asia and Europe, have different trading hours. Currency transactions in the markets of each region are basically completed in the corresponding trading hours. What we can know is that there are some currencies that are very popular around the world, such as the US dollar. Therefore, the business volume of some currencies in some trading periods is very large.

The process of currency trading is simply summarized as that you need to exchange your currency for another currency you want. Therefore, currency transactions involve at least two kinds of currencies.


The unit price of all currencies shall be accurate to four decimal places. One is the minimum standard unit of currency transactions. 10000 pips is the unit price of a currency.

Currency transactions are usually completed in large batches or small batches. Generally, batches with less than 1000 currency units are small batches. Batches larger than 100000 currency units are large batches. Investors usually use small batches of currency transactions to reduce possible losses.

In order to stabilize the currency market and facilitate the trading process of investors, most currency transactions can only use 18 currency pairs. Therefore, investors can only focus on these 18 currency pairs. A small number of currency trading options allow investors to easily manage their trading orders.

In recent years, the biggest impact on the money market comes from a large number of investors in the stock market. According to the knowledge of economics, the development of the stock market will also drive the development of the money market. The money market follows the basic economic rules that supply and demand influence each other. However, if many countries try to trade their domestic dollars, the value of the dollar will decrease. In addition, the economic policies of different countries, the outbreak of war and interest rates will have a certain impact on currency transactions.

To sum up, the working principle and process of currency trading are not very complicated. If you want to make money through currency trading, you need to learn. In addition, learning the basic knowledge of investment and practicing trading strategies will help you become a successful foreign exchange trader.