The Secret of Four Seasons Hotel's Success



Four Seasons Hotel is a hotel that takes service quality as its business objective, and is committed to becoming one of the best hotels recognized in the industry. The belief of Four Seasons Hotel is to treat guests as themselves. The core strategy of Four Seasons Hotel is to meet the needs of guests and provide them with customized services.


The company has clearly formulated some key principles and codes of conduct to regulate the ethics of employees. Four Seasons Hotel asks employees to get along well with each other. In the case of corruption or bribery, these codes of ethics limit the occurrence of such problems. Four Seasons Hotel will also supervise the immoral behaviors of intermediaries and agents and guide them to act for the company's interests. Employees are required to keep the company's business secrets confidential. In addition, they must protect important information about customers and companies. These are the company's assets and resources. Employees need to abide by the code of ethics and avoid disclosing information to competitors. The company requires its employees not to maliciously attack competitors and win customers' choices through ethical business practices. This is conducive to the efficient and harmonious development of the industry.


The company strictly restricts the power of employees to prevent them from taking actions beyond their responsibilities. At the same time, employees cannot ask the other party to act in other ways. This may lead to low employee motivation and efficiency. In different places, if the company's ethics conflicts with local customs, the company requires employees to observe ethics first. This may lead to some hidden dangers. For some employees who violate the code of ethics, the company will severely punish them, or even dismiss them. Some misunderstandings may harm employees' interests. They may be cautious and become anxious or nervous. The company's strict handling of corruption may threaten the personal safety of some honest employees.

Overall structure of Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel has made clear relevant ethical regulations and principles. The company spares no effort to implement these standards. The company expects all employees to pay attention to ethics and act in accordance with the law. As far as corporate social responsibility is concerned, the company has carried out many specific activities to express its values. The company actively undertakes social responsibility and helps the weak or poor. For example, the company works with some craftsmen, and the income generated belongs to craftsmen. The company also buys coffee beans from villagers. The company is committed to helping students in schools in need. In addition, the company has participated in many environmental protection actions and taken actions to protect the environment or reduce pollution.



In short, the company's ethics and CSR make the company develop rapidly and become a giant in the hotel industry. With these standards, the company has won many high praise and reputation all over the world. Customers are keen to choose the company again because of its normative behavior and industry standards.